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topic Cover

1.Account Basic Termology.mp4
2.accounting concept.mp4
3.business transaction,and nature..mp4
4.double accounting entry system, discount and final account..mp4
5.formet of the journal,ledger,trial blance,P&L account and balancesheet..mp4
6.how to open tally soft ware..mp4
7.work in tally,ledger create,.mp4
8.ledger,under name,and voucher type.mp4
9.accounting vouchers  with entry..mp4
10.how to create trial blance..mp4
11. how to open trial balance with,trading Acccount,p&l account,and balance sheet..mp4
12.account with Inventory..mp4
13.discount based on Inventory..mp4
14.method of adjustment,agst refrance and new refrance,create..mp4
15.inventory info ??? stock ?? mantenation ????..mp4
16.stock journal voucher ??? entry ????..mp4
17.voucher types,Accounting voucher and inventory voucher..mp4
18.defination of accounts..mp4
19.how create manufactring journal voucher..mp4
20.entry in the manufactring journal voucher and activate bills of materiyal.mp4
21.sales order,delevery, and payment,  ???? ,and delevery notes or sales voucher ??? entry ????..mp4
22.what is tax and type,.mp4
23.Tds ?? tally  ??? manatenation ???? or goverment ?? tax paid ????..mp4
24.what is GST and type of GST or, salab rate..mp4
25.GST manatenation in TALLY ERP..mp4
26.apply other state in GSTand sales voucher ???  entry ???? ..mp4
27.  pay roll in Tally (part I).mp4
28.payroll in tally (part-II).mp4
29.payroll in tally(part III).mp4
30.basic level in Tally..mp4
31.mening of Group &its utility..mp4
32.Day book ??? entry ?? date change ????  ??  entry ?? delete ???? ..mp4
33.used of cash book &bank book..mp4
34.group summary ??? ?? ??? entry ????? ..mp4
35.what is journal ragister,sales ragister,& purchase ragister..mp4
36.trial ballance ?? ???? group ?? ???? details ?????.mp4
37. company ?? backup and restore ????..mp4
38.tally ERP9 ?? ???? company pasword ??? ????? ..mp4
39.Email Data ??mail????.mp4
40.data export ????.mp4
41.stock query,purchas detail,sale details,statory option,?? hide ?? show ????,?? sale and buyar option ?? used ???? ..mp4
42.allow zero value entry..mp4
43.credit limit set ,change, ?? alteration ???? ..mp4
44.interest calculate ???? ?? ???? used ???? ..mp4
45.full transaction details in tally(part-I).mp4
46.full transaction details in tally           (part-II)..mp4
47.used of cost center..mp4
48.full transaction details in tally (part-III).mp4
49.company logo feature ?? used ????.mp4
50.stock item ??? stander rate fixed ???? ..mp4
51.used price list and create price level..mp4
52. create multipal ledger..mp4
53.used of maltipal ledger in tally ERP9..mp4
54.recived and change price list ..mp4
55.knoladge of  negative cash and  stock.mp4
56.information about cost tournover..mp4
57.track additional cost of purchases..mp4
58.create and used of alternate unit..mp4
59.create and used to unit of measure..mp4
60.create and used of compund unit ..mp4
61.import in tally ERP9 (part-I).mp4
62.import in tally ERP(part-II).mp4
63.import in tally ERP(part-III).mp4
64.used of  company logo feature..mp4
65.used of memorandam voucher..mp4
66.used of memorandam voucher for goods approval..mp4
67.used of tally valute pasword ..mp4
68.used of postade voucher and entry the postade cheque..mp4
69.create of parfarma invoice bill and used of optional voucher ..mp4
70.ledger and inventory ??? opening balance ????? ..mp4
71.knoladge of inventory related,and transaction entry ..mp4
72.Bank Reconciliation   (part-I).mp4
73.Bank Reconciliation (part -II).mp4
74. Bank Reconciliation (part-III).mp4
75.Difrance in   tally9 and ERP9.mp4

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