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        PowerPoint 2016 Basic Course Outline


        Unit 1: Getting started

        Topic A: The PowerPoint interface


        Unit 2: Creating presentations

        Topic A: Creating a basic presentation

        Topic B: Working with slides


        Unit 3: Editing slide content

        Topic A: Formatting text and lists

        Topic B: Editing efficiently


        Unit 4: Working with shapes

        Topic A: Creating shapes

        Topic B: Formatting shapes

        Topic C: Applying content to shapes


        Unit 5: Graphics

        Topic A: WordArt

        Topic B: Pictures


        Unit 6: Tables and charts

        Topic A: Tables

        Topic B: Charts

        Topic C: SmartArt


        Unit 7: Preparing and printing presentations

        Topic A: Proofing presentations

        Topic B: Preparing a presentation

        Topic C: Printing presentations


        PowerPoint 2016 Advanced Course Outline


        Unit 1: Slide masters and transitions

        Topic A: Slide masters

        Topic B: Transitions and timings

        Topic C: Custom slide shows


        Unit 2: Graphics and media

        Topic A: Modifying graphics

        Topic B: Media clips

        Topic C: Animations

        Topic D: Photo albums


        Unit 3: Customizing slide elements

        Topic A: Working with SmartArt graphics

        Topic B: Customizing tables

        Topic C: Working with charts


        Unit 4: Action buttons and equations

        Topic A: Action buttons

        Topic B: Equations


        Unit 5: Integrating Microsoft Office files

        Topic A: Applying content from a Word outline

        Topic B: Embedding and linking content


        Unit 6: Finalizing and distributing presentations

        Topic A: Reviewing and finishing

        Topic B: Distributing presentations


        Unit 7: Customizing PowerPoint

        Topic A: Application settings

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