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Excel Financial Modeling with VBA

Microsoft Excel can be an invaluable resource for investors wanting to dig into more detail on financial market data. There are literally hundreds of ways to use Excel to manipulate financial data and help it improve the investment process. In this tutorial, we will examine some of the more useful tools used in Excel for finance.

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        Excel Finance Class 01: Intro To Excel 2007 & 2010

        Excel Finance Class 02: Getting Started with Formulas, Functions, Formula Inputs and Cell References

        Excel Finance Class 03: Math Operators and Order of Operations

        Excel Finance Class 04: The Importance Of Number Formatting In Financial Calculations

        Excel Finance Class 05: Percent, Percent Change / Increase / Decrease Percentage Number Formatting

        Excel Finance Class 06: Relative and Absolute Cell References in Copied Formulas

        Excel Finance Class 07: Stylistic Formatting

        Excel Finance Class 08: Intro To Corporate Financial Management

        Excel Finance Class 09: Balance Sheet, Working Capital, Liquidity, Debt, Equity, Market Value

        Excel Finance Class 10: Income Statement, Non Cash Depreciation Expense, Matching Principal

        Excel Finance Class 11: Finance Cash Flow From Accounting Information

        Excel Finance Class 12: Cash Flow Advantage To Debt & Average and Marginal Tax Rates

        Excel Finance Class 13: Banks, Fundamental Problem With Banks, & The Big Short

        Excel Finance Class 14: Financial Statement Ratio Analysis - #1 Trick For Ratio Analysis

        Excel Finance Class 15: Common Sized Financial Statements

        Excel Finance Class 16: Liquidity, Current Ratio and How Current Ratio Can Be Manipulated

        Excel Finance Class 17: Leverage & Solvency Ratios: Debt To Equity, Equity Multiplier, more...

        Excel Finance Class 18: Asset Efficiency Ratio and Cash Cycle In Days

        Excel Finance Class 18.5: Ratios For Cash Cycle In Days.

        Excel Finance Class 19:Profitablility Rations: Return On Equity & Return On Assets & DuPont Analysis

        Excel Finance Class 20: Growth Ratios and Market Value Ratios

        Excel Finance Class 21: Future Value Lump Sum Calculations, Simple & Compound Interest

        Excel Finance Class 22: Present Value Lump Sum Calculations and PV Function

        Excel Finance Class 23: Solve For Total Number Of Periods When You Know PV, FV and Period Rate

        Excel Finance Class 24: Solve For Period Rate & Annual Rate When You Know PV, FV and # of Periods

        Excel Finance Class 25: Future Value For Lender Or Borrower

        Excel Finance Class 26: Multiple Cash Flow Valuation Future Value and Present Value FV PV Functions

        Excel Finance Class 27: Asset Valuation Using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and PV Function

        Excel Finance Class 28: Relationship Between APR, Period Rate and Effective Annual Rate

        Excel Finance Class 29: Calculate Future Value Of An Annuity (FV Function)

        Excel Finance Class 30: Future Value For Interest Paid Daily, But Deposits Made Monthly

        Excel Finance Class 31: Calculate PMT for Future Value of Annuity (PMT Function)

        Excel Finance Class 32: Calculate Present Value of Annuity (PV Function)

        Excel Finance Class 33: Full Life Retirement Plan PV Annuity & FV Annuity PV & PMT Functions

        Excel Finance Class 34: Present Value Of Annuity For Asset Valuation

        Excel Finance Class 35: Calculate PMT for Present Value of Annuity PMT Function for Loan Payment

        Excel Finance Class 36: PMT Function 7 Examples & Adjusted APR with Points and RATE function

        Excel Finance Class 37: How Much Do I Get Each Month During Retirement?

        Excel Finance Class 38: Calculate APR and EAR Given Cash Flows From Annuity

        Excel Finance Class 39: How Long To Pay Off Credit Card With Minimum Payment

        Excel Finance Class 40: Perpetuity (consol) Preferred Stock Valuation Formula

        Excel Finance Class 41: Interest Only Loan Schedule.

        Excel Finance Class 42: Consumer Amortized Loans

        Excel Finance Class 43: Business Amortized Loans

        Excel Finance Class 44: Deep Discount Loans

        Excel Finance Class 45: Interest Rates: Real, Nominal, Inflation and the Fisher Effect

        Excel Finance Class 46: Bonds: Just Set Of Cash Flows Discounted At Market Rate, Coupon or Zero

        Excel Finance Class 47: Selling Bond When Coupon Rate Is Different Than Discount Rate (YTM Rate)

        Excel Finance Class 48: Calculate YTM and Effective Annual Yield From Bond Cash Flows RATE & EFFECT

        Excel Finance Class 49: Bond Quoted Price & Yield To Market

        Excel Finance Class 50: Bond Rates Are Inversely Related To Bond Price (Scatter Diagram Excel Chart)

        Excel Finance Class 51: Par - Discount - Premium Bonds

        Excel Finance Class 52: Bond Discount Or Premium Amortization Table.

        Excel Finance Class 53: Bond Discount Or Premium Journal Entries

        Excel Finance Class 54: Bonds & Interest Rate Risk

        Excel Finance Class 55: Tax Advantage of Muni Bond

        Excel Finance Class 56: Tax Implications For Zero Coupon Bonds.

        Excel Finance Class 57: Compare Cash Flows For a Coupon & A Zero Coupon Bond

        Excel Finance Class 58: After Tax Cash Flows & After Tax Interest Rates

        Excel Finance Class 59: Common & Preferred Stock

        Excel Finance Class 60: Basics Of Financial Markets

        Excel Finance Class 61: Stock Value Based on Present Value of Future Dividend Cash Flows.

        Excel Finance Class 62: Preferred Stock Valuation as A Perpetuity

        Excel Finance Class 63: Stock Valuation with Dividend Growth Model

        Excel Finance Class 64: Chart How Stock Value Changes for Dividend Growth Model as Inputs Change

        Excel Finance Class 65: Calculate Stock Price at Time t using Dividend Growth Model

        Excel Finance Class 66: Calculate Implied Return using Dividend Growth Model

        Excel Finance Class 67: Irregular Dividend Payments, Followed by Constant Growth -- Stock Valuation.

        Excel Finance Class 68: Net Present Value, NPV Excel Function & Capital Budgeting

        Excel Finance Class 69: Net Present Value Profile -- Build Table and Chart in Excel NPV Function

        Excel Finance Class 70: Investment Criteria: Net Present Value

        Excel Finance Class 71: Investment Criteria: Payback Rule

        Excel Finance Class 72: Investment Criteria: Average Accounting Return

        Excel Finance Class 73: Investment Criteria: Internal Rate Of Return IRR Function Plot Chart

        Excel Finance Class 74: IRR and Non-conventional Cash Flows, Plot Chart To See Multiple IRR

        Excel Finance Class 75: IRR and Mutually Exclusive Projects - Plot Chart To See Cross Over Rate

        Excel Finance Class 76: Investment Criteria: MIRR - Modified Internal Rate of Return

        Excel Finance Class 77: Investment Criteria: Profitability Index

        Excel Finance Class 78: NPV For Irregular Cash Flows and Time Periods XNPV, NPV and PV functions.

        Excel Finance Class 79: Investment Criteria: NPV, IRR, Payback, AAR, Profitability Index

        Excel Finance Class 80: Recognizing Patterns of Cash Flows For Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

        Excel Finance Class 81: XNPV Function XIRR Function - See Algorithm That XNPV uses

        Excel Finance Class 82: Relevant Costs For Discounted Cash Flow Analysis = Incremental Cash Flows

        Excel Finance Class 83: Estimating Cash Flows For NPV calculation

        Excel Finance Class 84: Undoing Accrual Accounting to Discover Cash Flows For Estimating NPV

        Excel Finance Class 85: MACRS Depreciation & Asset Sale Impacts on NPV Cash Flows

        Excel Finance Class 86: Estimating Cash Flows For NPV calculation Comprehensive Example.

        Excel Finance Class 87: Cost Savings Example Estimating Cash Flows For NPV calculation

        Excel Finance Class 88: Scenario Analysis For Cash Flow & NPV Calculations

        Excel Finance Class 89: Sensitivity Analysis For Cash Flow & NPV Calculations

        Excel Finance Class 90: Period (Holding) Returns For Stock

        Excel Finance Class 91: Period (Holding) Nominal, Real & Dollar Returns For Coupon Bond

        Excel Finance Class 92: Period (Holding) Returns For Zero Bond

        Excel Finance Class 93: Period (Holding) Returns For Preferred Stock

        Excel Finance Class 94: Period (Holding) Returns For Less Than 1 Year, APR and EAR

        Excel Finance Class 95: Using Past Period Holding Returns to Estimate Future Returns Arithmetic Mean

        Excel Finance Class 96: Comparing Geometric Mean with Arithmetic Mean For Average Stock Returns

        Excel Finance Class 97: Using Geometric Mean & Arithmetic Mean to Estimate Future Returns

        Excel Finance Class 98: Stock Return Variation Measured with Standard Deviation (Risk of Stock)

        Excel Finance Class 100: Real Rate and Inflation or Deflation For T-bills.

        Excel Finance Class 101: Average Real Return For A Stock Based On Historical Data

        Excel Finance Class 102: In The Short Run Financial Markets Can Be Inefficient Mispriced Assets

        Excel Finance Class 103: 2 Ways To Calculate Geometric Mean

        Excel Finance Class 104: Expected Return & Standard Deviation For 1 Stock -- Estimating Future

        Excel Finance Class 105: Expected Return & Standard Deviation For Portfolio -- Estimating Future

        Excel Finance Class 106: Unexpected Information, Market & Asset Specific Risk, Diversification, Beta

        Excel Finance Class 107: Calculating Beta (2 Methods) & Chart Beta, SLOPE CORREL & STDEV functions

        Excel Finance Class 108: Reward To Risk Ratio - Treynor Index

        Excel Finance Class 109: Beta For Portfolio

        Excel Finance Class 110: Security Market Line (SML) & Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

        Excel Finance Class 111: Treynor Index & CAPM

        Excel Finance Class 111: Excel 2013 RRI Function: Calculate Compounding Rate/Geometric Mean

        Excel Finance Class 111: Aging Accounts Receivable Reports On Multiple Sheets With Array Formula

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