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DVD for Array Formulas

Array Formulas are a powerful tool in Excel. An Array Formula works with a series of Data Values instead of a single Value. Excel Array Formulas are mysterious, even to people who use Excel 40 hours a week. Start with the secret keystroke that must be used to finish an Array Formula: Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Then, you have to know which functions will work with Arrays and which will not. Once you get a grasp on Array Formulas, you will find they solve problems that regular Excel Formulas can not solve, or would require hundreds of thousands of regular Formulas.

In This DVD systematically lists the aspects, elements and guidelines for array formulas. Array formulas can be insanely difficult. But there are times when an array formula is the only way to accomplish a task. Array formulas can beat filtering, sorting and pivot tables because array formulas will automatically update when the input cells change.

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        Contents Table of Ctrl+Shift+Enter:


        Chapter 1: Formula Basics

        Chapter 2: Introduction to Array Formulas

        Chapter 3: Math Array Operations

        Chapter 4: Comparative Array Operations and Aggregate Calculations with One or More Conditions

        Chapter 5: Join Array Operations

        Chapter 6: Function Argument Array Operations

        Chapter 7: Array Constants

        Chapter 8: Array Formulas That Deliver More Than One Value

        Chapter 9: A First Look at Array Functions: TRANSPOSE, MODE.MULT, and TREND

        Chapter 10: The Amazing SUMPRODUCT Function (and SUMIFS, Too)

        Chapter 11: Boolean Logic: AND Criteria and OR Criteria

        Chapter 12: When Is an Array Formula Really Needed?

        Chapter 13: Dynamic Ranges with the INDEX and OFFSET Functions

        Chapter 14: Array Formula Efficiency Rules

        Chapter 15: Extracting Data, Based on Criteria

        Chapter 16: The FREQUENCY Array Function

        Chapter 17: Unique Counting Formulas and the Power of the FREQUENCY Function

        Chapter 18: The MMULT Array Function

        Chapter 19: Extracting Unique Lists and Sorting Formulas

        Chapter 20: Conditional Formatting with Array Formulas

        Chapter 21: Data Tables

        Chapter 22: The LINEST Array Function

        Chapter 23: Can You Figure Out How the Huge Array Formula Works?


     Course Duration & Fees

         Around 15 Hours Video

         Live Online Class Video In Hindi

         Fees : - 2500/-

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